Schandani SS202 At PFW September 2019

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I kicked off Paris Fashion Week with a pre-fashion week event and headed to a presentation in the third arrondissement of Paris otherwise known as the Haut-Marais. The Marais is known for it’s shopping and the Haut-Marais is known for the food and the Les Enfants Rouges market. I attended the event with my Parisian niece who of course was very excited to attend. It was held at a Gallery and was hosted and produced by Oui Bridge. It was a wonderful way to commence the season and the collection was a brilliant combination of artistry, fashion forward designs and intricate techniques.

The inspiration for the collection is a retainment of the essence of childhood and the inner child in us all; and to keep the wonderment of childhood alive through the garments. The use of handkerchiefs in many of the pieces reinforces this sense of nostalgia. Handkerchiefs which can still be found in modern day society are not often used, and they are in a sense a relic of another era. Perhaps a less complicate era—though the techniques involved are indeed quite complicated.

Trained as a traditional artist in watercolor Schandani uses tulle in her work as it allows for a soft playful use of color, similar to the application of watercolor. She then implements a complicated patchwork and pleating technique with the handkerchiefs and overlaying the tulle to create dreamy one of a kind pieces, that are both beautiful and strong. Her pieces are also quite structural with a sense of independence—pieces that can stand on their own and also work harmoniously with other pieces from the collection as well as everyday streetwear. Described as “Demi-couture for those who see intricacy as the purest form of expression”; the collection for SS2020 holds true to this sentiment in a remarkable yet approachable combination of art and craftsmanship.

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Moohong SS2020 @PFW
Schandani SS202 At PFW September 2019