Rodarte Fall 2019 For Lookbook Friday

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Fashion week is a little more then a week away and while I will not be attending the Rodarte show (oh how I dream) I can share with you their show for Fall 2019. Beautifully romantic does not do the collection justice. Really sometimes there are no words. Also I find photos often do not fully capture the how exquisite the clothes are in person. I have often felt this way when attending shows. Video does a bit of a better job of capturing all the details, but still, pales in comparison to being there in person.

So please enjoy. No, non of us are will be at the SS2019 though Jessica if your reading this you may indeed be there this season. And if you are, soak it in for the rest of us! And Happy Fashion Week everyone.

Rodarte Fall 2019 For Lookbook Friday