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Rebecca Minkoff’s New Designed Home With One King’s Lane

one kings lane_rebecca minkoff_REBECCA WITH ALEX IN STUDIO

I think it really is a desire we all have—to create a space that is truly are own and for this space to be the place we feel the most at home. Allie of ALLIE NYC

I have sometimes thought I have missed my calling and should have gone in to interior design. I work as a graphic designer and art director, but be it graphic design, fashion design or interior design a good eye is a good eye. So one of my favorite things to do is to look at the homes of fashion designers. It is no surprise that their homes are just as beautiful as the clothing they create. And creating a beautiful home is also a wonderful expression of who they are as people. I think it really is a desire we all have—to create a space that is truly are own and for this space to be the place we feel the most at home. Yes some people have more of a knack for this, while others struggle.  But with the web, blogs and even remote design services it is now easier then ever to have a gorgeous space.

one kings lane_rebecca minkoff_DINING ROOM

one kings lane_rebecca minkoff_KITCHEN

One King’s Lane now offers in person design services right here in New York. How exciting! And the best part the consolations are free of charge!

one kings lane_rebecca minkoff_OVERALL APARTMENT

one kings lane_rebecca minkoff_REBECCA AND KIDS

Here we are looking at Rebecca Minkoff’s newly designed home which she created with help from One King’s Lane.  I think it came out great! Right now the in person service is in the New York store only but I can see this trend really taking off. And what do you do when you are looking to design your space? Do you totally wing it? Do you seek out resources such as interior design magazines, Pinterest and blogs? Would you, or have you used a design service? And what do think of Rebecca’s uber modern kid friendly home? To see more from her home and to read about the design decisions and the processes that lead to this space head on over to OneKingsLane.com.


  1. Love her kitchen having all that pop of color great decor.

  2. That’s awesome they did a fantastic job on her place.


  3. Hmm…it’s nice but not quite my cup of tea but it’s not surprising because interior designs are specific to one’s taste. I much prefer clean lines, very modern and minimalistic approach so I see this as a touch too ‘busy’ for my liking.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. It’s always interesting to see fashion designers’ translate their design style into other areas. I totally want to stop by the One King’s Lane studio!

  5. Wow, I had no idea she did collab with them on her home, I love One King’s Lane and have used a lot of their pieces in the past.
    St. Patty’s Day

  6. Love her apartment! I’m a Pinterest kind of girl, but this sounds like a fantastic service 🙂

  7. I would love this kind of home! I’d move in in a heartbeat! 🙂
    I have designed my home myself but I’ve always thought that professional help would be great.
    I wonder if I could give a designer free hands to design my home… If I had unlimited budget I think I would give it a try… 🙂


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