Pre-loved Shopping in Brooklyn With My Parisian Niece

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I sometimes feel like the super young generation is more โ€œwokeโ€ then the rest of us. And I also feel like young people abroad are a bit more woke then their American counter-parts. Though sadly it seems instead of marching against climate change en mass like they do in Europe young people here have to march against gun violence. Need I say more? Well at any rate when my Parisian niece was visiting from Paris she did not want to go to H&M, Forever 21 or to a department storeโ€”she wanted to shop at thrift stores. She had done her research and knew the stores she wanted to go to on her trip.

I ended up taking her to Brooklyn and specifically to Williamsburg as there are so many quality thrift stores within a few blocks of one another, and the made for a less taxing day of shopping. I hope you enjoy this video, it is not super long at ten minutes and I hope to do a haul video on all the great pieces I got. Stay tuned!

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Pre-loved Shopping in Brooklyn With My Parisian Niece