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Photoshop Portrait Retouching Tutorials to take your photography to the next level

As many of you know I have been investing more time in photography. When I first started my blog I used an average semi high-end point and shoot camera. The camera I was using was a basically a point and shoot but just a bit nicer then the average point and shoot. I knew little of DSLR’s and had not actually tried to shoot anything in an artistic way since a photography class I took in high school. And for years (before I had smart phone) I didn’t take pictures at all. But I am making up for lost time.

So when I first started using my fancy point and shoot and posting pictures I wondered why they did not look as nice as other photos I was seeing online. Well after a bit of research I discovered why and promptly went out and bought my first DSLR camera from Canon—the Rebel T3i, which I am still shooting with today. With much anticipation I went out and started to practice with my new camera. Surprisingly much of what I learned in film school (my first degree) came back to me. Or at least in a broad understanding kind of way. I still needed to look things up online but the over-all understanding of how the basic fundamentals of photography worked, came back to me.


So back online I went to do some more research and I discovered that beautiful photographs have more to do with the lens then the camera

Though I still struggled to capture in my photographs the engaging cinematic quality for which I aimed. Hmm. So back online I went to do some more research and I learned that beautiful photographs have more to do with the lens then the camera. And I am happy to report that I am now the proud owner of an f1.4 prime lens. You can read more about prime lenses here.

And of course (and you may have an idea of where I am going with this), the story does not end there. Because in addition to a professional DSLR camera, and a quality prime lens, lots of practice shooting and even a class or two, you will also need to learn how to retouch your photos as well. Whew. Does it ever end?

So today I am happy to share with you some very helpful, relatively easy to follow retouching tutorials. Most of these tutorials do not require a lot of skill. They are step by step tutorials that if you follow them will yield promising results. There is only one process that I found to not be particularly helpful, and that is the low frequency high frequency adjustment layer technique. I tried three different tutorials regarding this method and none of them worked for me.


So I found an alternative to this method, which is the first link listed here. Trust me, if you follow the instructions found in this tutorial you will be able to achieve natural looking, clear, unblemished, wrinkle free skin —you are going to love the end result. And the second link is from F-Stoppers which lists ten to fifteen tutorials from professional and semi-professional photographers that covers: skin retouching, dodging and burning (think conturing and strobing in photoshop), getting rid of redness, adding definition to hair, color balancing, adding intentional light leaks and more.

So if you love photography and want to take your photos to the next level be sure to check out the links below. You can thank me later.

  1. www.photoshopessentials.com
  2. fstoppers.com

Top image by Sandra Semburg. Remaining images by Dani Diamond.


  1. Thanks for sharing I’m still trying to do my best with images

  2. thank you so much for these sites.


  3. Wow, those photos are so beautiful and look incredibly professional, I love it! I use Photoshop all the time for re-touching and editing my photos, although I rarely work with portraits. It’s amazing what a little bit of skillful editing can do, though. <3 Thanks for sharing, darling! xoxo


  4. I’ve admired your photos often. In fact, I want to talk to you and see if you’d be willing to let me hire (and pay) you for a photo-shoot next Spring. I’m having a special gown made (from scratch) and want to take better pictures of it than I’m capable of doing myself (especially while modeling at the same time).

  5. SO glad you provided these links! Such great reads! Love learning new things about photography!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  6. I agree that lens is more important than the camera but I would say that proper lighting is just as important because a well lit & exposed image will always cut down on your editing time.

  7. I swear I am the only one who don’t use Photoshop and I only do minimal editing of lighting with my Macbook. I should probably invest more time in learning so this post is bookmarked for my own future references. Thank you, Allie.

  8. I am glad you aired this. I have not been able to learn photoshop, so maybe these will help.
    I do use Google snapseed, but ti is limited.
    Cant wait to see these!
    Happy and merry!
    xx, Elle

  9. Love those pictures! I’ll definitely be checking out those links 🙂

  10. Great post…thanks for sharing this info and I am sure it will be of great use to people who dont know photoshopping images like me…..great post xoxo, Neha


  11. I have some cameras and the Canon Rebel T3i is the one I am mostly using now, though I prefer the small Sony that I am faithful to 🙂 I don’t know how to make a photo look high quality or better, the most I know is how to adjust some lights – if the day was dark. But it’s good so, because when I meet people in real life they say I look just like the pictures 🙂 and a friend I have, an expert, who photoshops all her photos, in real life looked really different – and she said then “because I photoshop a version of me:. 🙂 I always say, each at their own taste, of course. I think that for professional pictures you are right, photoshopping pictures make them more beautiful and for marketing, more appealing – who doesn’t like to read a magazine with great pics? I do! Hope you have a great Christma, enjoy it a lot and I hope you share your tips with us, this post was greats!

  12. Ooooh thanks for the links! I’m really interested in learning photoshop ♥


  13. Thank you for sharing the tips with us Allie! I’m sure it would help many beginner bloggers and bloggers that would never stop learning everyday (that includes me). Pictures speak a thousand words in a blog. It’s so important to have clean and beautiful pictures to get the message across as a blogger.

  14. Those pictures are so good! Thank you so much for those tips – I will definitely check out those sites!
    xx, Carmen – http://www.carmitive.com

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