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Ouidad, Cynthia Rowley and Window Shopping in Soho on a Crisp Fall Day





Acouple of weeks ago on one of those bright, crisp fall days I was feeling inspired and decided to to a a little window shopping on my lunch break. Well, a little window shopping turned in to a little actual shopping and I couldn’t help by be lured in to the new Birch Box store on West Broadway between Prince and Spring streets. I love shopping in this store, it’s like shopping in Sephora without all the over crowding. The store is beautiful with high ceilings, lots of bright light and of course it’s signature hot pink palette. I looked around and sampled a number of items including this Cynthia  Rowley eyeliner which at $16.00 was an affordable splurge and with such decadent packaging it felt much more indulgent. It goes on super smooth, with little pull and has a slight iridescence finish. Not too much that you couldn’t wear during the day though.


I also wandered downstairs where the nail, and hair care products are kept along with the cosmetic services offered by Birch Box. I was super excited when I discovered they carried the Ouidad line of hair grooming products. I had been wanting to try this anti-humidity gel for quite some time now. They use to carry it at Sephora but it is no longer carried in the stores, so I was left to having to purchase it online, which somehow I never managed to do. So when I saw it on the shelf, I snatched it up and headed to the cashier toot suite. And let me tell you…this stuff works! It actually works! I have tried numerous products to help combat frizziness and nothing really did the trick. The gel is made with a wheat protein complex which, the company claims keeps the hair from expanding, well I am not sure why someone did not discover his sooner, but it does exactly that. In the past, products that I have used for this problem, attempted to combat the frizz by coating the hair with multiple ingredients that ended up just weighing my hair down. So my hair was flatter, a bit greasy, and here’s the kicker— it was still frizzy! With this product the frizz is kept at bay, but it is not weighed down with heavy serums, so my hair is left dry and smooth, with wonderful movement to it. I also believe this due to the fact that the hair is not expanding from the humidity in the air, which makes it lay better and ultimately fall and move better. Really, I could not be happier with this product. If you do not live in NY, you can buy it online at Birch Box, Sephora, Ulta or directly from Ouidad. If you suffer from naturally fizzy hair or frizz brought on by damage like me, try this product, and remember, you heard it here first!

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  1. I don’t think I’ve visited a Birch Box, I always flock to Sephora, even when I don’t need to, if I pass one I have to go in sooo good to know another little beauty place I can add to my list that I won’t be able to resist!


  2. This gel looks interesting will check it out and I got this eyeliner in a birchbox a while ago. Sounds like you had a successful shopping weekend 🙂


  3. Great review you convince me to try it out.

  4. Very cool products.
    I actually like autumn crisp air – it makes me feel alive 🙂

  5. Oh I love Ouidad products!! The work so well.

  6. Great products, I haven’t try any but they look tempting.


  7. lucky you to go window shopping in NYC 🙂 wow, that products look wonderful! especially the eyeliner

  8. these look lovely:-) x

  9. OMG! Allie, you rock girl..I suffer from instant frizz if there is even a drop of humidity in the air and always am looking for great products. The fact that this is made from something natural is even better. Thanks!


  10. I love the Birchbox store and that Cynthia Rowley eyeliner! I have it in silver too! The CR liquid liner is pretty awesome as well.

  11. I hope they build one in New Orleans. Another blogger went to one and said how nice it was. Really great products.

  12. It is always so exciting to get new makeup! And you’re lucky because you must have amazing selection in NYC 🙂 Thank you for sharing!
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  13. Hi Allie, how are you? thanks you so much for the info for photography classes I may take one as well, also what i Great sweater you got!.
    I need to check this store!!
    PS. Now I know when to say happy birthday to you! xx

  14. Great review Allie, Thank you for sharing this. Next time I am in NY, I have to take my time and do a bit more shopping in Soho 🙂

    xoxo from Vienna,
    Mahshid مهشید


  15. Umm MUST get my hands on that Ouidad gel. Nothing I currently have seems to work!


  16. Oooh, this anti-humidity gel sounds perrrrrfect! I wanna try it! Frizzy hair is the worst!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  17. Nice. You found some pretty amazing products.

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