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Street style, front of house, backstage; I can quite make up my mind what I like shooting best. So I do it all! I may not be a professional but I think I hold my own.

I shot these photos backstage this past season at the Oxford Fashion Studio SS2019 shows. I attended with my photographer Monika who shot the show front of stage while I vlogged. Both Monika and I were shooting backstage as was an army of other photographers not the easiest of tasks in relatively small space, but we managed.

I hope you enjoy these snaps from behind the scenes and stay tuned for my New York and Paris street style photos they will be coming over the next few weeks. Au revoir for now…

Photography by moi ALLIE NYC and Monika Fidler 

Images owned by ALLIE NYC© and Monika Fidler, please do not use without permission and or crediting/linking back to allienyc.com



  1. Great shots! I’ve worked a number of shows and I always find the energy and action backstage to be way more exciting than the shows themselves and for that reason I prefer backstage shooting.

  2. Gotta love events like this. Always so fun! These are some great shots Allie. Thanks for sharing with us.


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  4. Cool photos.. what a great behind the scenes look


  5. These BTS photos are amazing! I always love seeing the amazing work that goes on backstage! The art work you have captured is amazing, this is fantastic!

  6. It’s always fun to see what’s going on backstage at fashion shows, even if it’s just photos! I love seeing models getting transformed backstage. Must have been such a fun experience for you:)

  7. Fantastic captures..love the big puffy dress, amazing!! Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you have a great week x

  8. Hey Allie, hope everything is going well with you!

    So good to see how they make it work behind the curtain, in projects like this there are a lot of details to supervise 🙂

    Excited to see more content from your fashion week diaries 😀

  9. Gorgeous photos! They really capture the backstage energy. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  10. What a great behind the scene look, I never visit such events. Very nice clicks <3
    Have a nice day my dear.
    Love from Rakhshanda <3

  11. SO cool you got to go backstage! And your captures are perfect!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. Great backstage photos – they convey what the atmosphere must have been like.


  13. Ummm… are you sure you’re not a professional? These backstage pictures are so good! You are truly talented! Have a wonderful week!

    -PerlaGiselle | iamperlita.com

    Say hello and let’s follow each other <3

  14. Your photographic look into the backstage world of artistic makeup and beauty in progress is… beautiful, and a real delight to observe via your photos. I also love that lace and tulle dress in addition to all the portraits.

  15. These photographs are all absolutely stunning, it’s so nice to get a glimpse from behind the scenes.

    Have a great week 🙂
    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

  16. These are some of your best shots, Allie! Gorgeous!

  17. I always enjoy snaps from behind the scenes, love to see the process in details and the real work behind the looks!

    Have a great week!

  18. I always enjoy checking out backstage snaps, it’s so fun to see what is going on behind the scenes. Happy Wednesday dear. xx

    Nina’s Style Blog

  19. I love seeing all the backstsage make up and beauty shots. I remember doing that often and seeing the madness. It get soooo hot back there, but I think it might rank 2nd after streetstyle for me. 🙂 These looks are all so nice!


  20. You got great photos! 🙂 I’d love to see backstage of a show in person one day, although I know it’s busy and a small space so I’d probably get in the way. It’s impressive despite it all you still got great photos, a sign of a talented photographer! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a good week so far 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog | Baby Hamper Giveaway

  21. This looks so much fun! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of the backstage of this fabulous show dear!
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  22. I love all of these photos! You did a good job taking photos in such a crowded space. My favorite part of fashion shows is seeing what goes on behind the scenes. It’s so interesting to see all the models get their hair and makeup done, and seeing what really goes into creating a show. Thank you for sharing this!

    x Kara | http://karascloset.net

  23. Gorgeous photos Allie! I love the personality of these behind the scenes shots.
    I am sure it was crowded and difficult to shoot, but these are worth the effort.
    The tulle dress looks like something I was looking at with my future daughter in law yesterday..and ruled out – gorgeous for a festive party !
    Hope you are well, stay inside today.

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