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Lundi Smart Boots—The Future in Every Step


We had a fairly mild winter here in the north east, with our winter starting out with seventy degree days in December and ending with seventy degree days in March. I even thought that this time around Fashion Week was going to a breeze and I would enjoy balmy fifty degree temperatures and not have to dress like the abominable snowman—although I guess there could be a fashion moment in there somewhere. But nope, after above normal temperatures for months, the polar vortex arrived for a week long visit just in time for New York Fashion Week. It was so cold here, that just having your hands momentarily ungloved to request an Uber car was cause for trauma and possible frost bite. Yes it was that cold. And my feet were not much better. And generally your average winter in New York experiences more then just a week of these extreme temperatures, and being stylish can often take a back seat to the necessity of keeping ones extremities warm. I have even used those Hot Hands foot warmers when I knew I would be outside for an extended period of time or if the temperatures were going to in the single digits. I tip I picked up from a friend of mine that has a booth at The Brooklyn Flea.

But what if you could look stylish, keep your tootsies toasty warm all at the touch of a button or should I say a mere swipe on your smart phone? How cool would that be? Well this is not just a futuristic pipe dream for Lundi Smart Boots. Yes you heard that right smart boots—boots that heat up and are controlled by an app on your smart phone. Yup this could be coming to a store near you in the not so distant future. Founded by Katie Lefkowitz who after moving to Boston from California was dismayed at how she was forced to dress when dealing with the extreme cold, felt there had to be way she could dress the way she wanted and still stay warm. And like many of her generation she took matters in to her own hands and decided to find a way to make this happen and Lundi was born. Currently in start up mode the company has a campaign on Kick Starter, and has been getting quite a bit of buzz in the media. Time will tell if this will be a sustainable doable reality, but if it works I say bravo! What say you? Would you wear boots or shoes like this? Do you see any potential problems? And how do you feel about having an electric device in your shoes? If all the bugs are worked out and they are %100 safe would you wear these? Or is this bit too futuristic for you?


  1. Talk about futuristic concept ,who will not want a pair if you live in an area that the winter is brutal amazing !Thanks for sharing this outstanding invention.

  2. I would totally try them out, but I’d be happier if they were just socks that I could temp control and wear with my favorite boots instead!
    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  3. Wow I would be so down with heated boots! I sometimes wear two pairs of socks on really cold days just to keep my toes warm.

  4. Um.. Sign me up!!! What an ingenious idea! I’ve been walking around with hand warmers/ hetapacks all winter, but an intelligent version that I can directly control? That is a godsend. I hope this goes into production soon!

    xo Soo | http://www.BrownEyedToast.com

  5. This is such a cool concept! The perfect combo of fashion and technology. Personally I don’t think I would buy them just because the technology probably comes at a price and I would rather put the money towards shoes I choose for their style rather than functionality


  6. Awesome booties app!

    Aly In Wanderland | BLOGLOVIN | GFC

    xo, Alyssa

  7. While this is an interesting idea and I see why it’s created but I’m not so sure about electrical devices in my boots. What are the chance of getting an electric shock?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. This sounds amazing – almost too good to be true! My feet are ALWAYS cold!

  9. I like the idea of smart boots! Anything to keep my feet toasty 🙂

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