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Kestan Fall 2016 For Lookbook Friday








For this week’s Lookbook Friday I am happy to introduce you to a new line of sustainable tees from an up and coming company called Kestan. Kestan was launched by Stephanie the blogger behind the blog Sartorial Diner. I met Stephanie a number of years ago and it has been so exciting to watch as her career takes off. In the past I have collaborated with Stephanie, and even produced a photo shoot for her lookbook line sheets for her graduating final project. I had a wonderful time working with her and it does not surprise me she is going after her dream and finding success.

After graduating from Parsons with a degree in fashion design Stephanie headed off to Germany to work for Esprit She was one of a handful of graduates chosen by the company to help them relaunch their brand in the United States. And I happily followed her on her journey as she ate her way through Europe documenting all her favorite watering holes on Sartorial Diner.

Don’t you love when people follow their dreams and commit to making the world a better place?

Since completing her tenure with Esprit Stephanie has returned to the states where she now lives in the sunny city of Los Angeles. Inspired by her time at Esprit Stephanie decided to go for it and launch her own line of clothing. Her latest offering —a line of sustainable organic cotton tees are not only super cute and fashion forward, they are also good for the environment and are made right here in the U.S. Don’t you love when people follow their dreams and commit to making the world a better place? I am just happy to say I played a small part in Stephanie’s bigger story.

To learn more head to Kestan.co


  1. This is so my style have a great weekend.

  2. they look great I honestly want a couple and for such a great cause.


  3. These photos are so beautiful! Literally straight outta Vogue! 🙂 <3 The clothes are absolutely gorgeous also, so casual but also very stylish. x Thanks for sharing, hun. x x


  4. How exciting! Her career has been a journey and you were there helping her along. Kudos to both of you!

  5. What a cute collection! It’s nice that these tees are organic and sustainable! And yes it’s awesome when people follow their dreams. Thanks for sharing Stephane”s story and your part in it.

  6. Fabulous photo shoot Allir,
    I love her style and admire her mission>
    as always, well done!
    xx, Elle

  7. This sounds so lovely and interesting. So good when people develop their interest on their own and launching an own line is so impressive! All the luck to her, and love these photos. Such a gorgeous location and the pieces looks so good, especially the top in the first one! Have a lovely weekend! Xx


  8. I know her blog and had no idea that she worked with Benetton before launching Kestan! Congratulations to her!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. You look so beautiful and effortless in every outfit! You should seriously model!


  10. Absolutely loving these looks:)) Keep up the good work:))


  11. Stunning pictures! You look so pretty and chic.


  12. You look beautiful! Love the outfits. I’m impressed with your pictures, very well taken and the location is wonderful!

    Vanessa, xo!


  13. I totally love the pieces from Kestan 🙂 I also had the possibility to shoot some pieces from their last collection and I felt so honored! And Stephanie does such an amazing job – the fashion business is definitively not an easy one!
    xx, Carmen – http://www.carmitive.com

  14. I love the concept behind theses and how they are great for the environment! It think this is definitely something a lot of brands could do to take note from!

    Musings & More

  15. Hard work pays off! Well done to her and hope her line does well. I love the comfort of the tees.


  16. wow! Here graduating project pieces are so different in terms of style and silhouette compared to what she is doing now with her sustainable Tees shown here *_^

    Yes, it is always inspirational to see those who dare to just keep chasing their dreams. Good that you have a part in that *_^

    Have a lovely week ahead, Allie!

    Jeann | LUMINNEJ

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