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In Honor of NYFW and Photographer Sandra Semburg

there is just something about seeing men and women on the street in their “everyday” clothes and the sense of presence and spontaneity

One of my favorite things to do is surf the net for brilliant street style photography—be it in the moment photography, or an arranged street shoot, there is just something about seeing men and women on the street in their “everyday” clothes and the sense of presence and spontaneity found in this type of photography. And today I discovered another wonderful photographer who is an editorial photographer that also likes to shoot street style looks. Her name is Sandra Semburg and she is based out of Berlin and represented by Shotview.com. I just love this impromtude engaging image—the colors, the angle of the camera, the expression on the young woman’s face, and of course the clothes. Gorgeous, right? And this is so inspiring me to finally enroll in that photography class I have been thinking about. Plus street style photography is a great resource for fashion inspiration and ideas. So pull up a chair, get a cup of coffee and head on over to Aloveisblind.com, Sandra’s blog where she showcases some of her best street style snaps.


  1. I love searching for streetstyles too


  2. I love moment street photography you never know what you capture behind the lens.

  3. streetstyle is really one of the most intressting styles 🙂 The people don’t dress up just for a picture and change their clothing afterwards, but look like that in real 🙂 And you see their personalities 🙂

  4. I don’t follow many street style or fashion blogs but Aloveisblind is one that I really enjoy. Sandra has such an incredible eye for style and photography.

  5. Congrats on deciding to improve your photography skills! Classes can help with that. I’ve been making major strides in my own photography and would enjoy sharing info with you on the subject. It’s a fun art-form.

  6. I love her blog! Thanks for posting about her.

  7. Good for you Allie! You will be an excellent photographer. You have the eye for it.

  8. I agree, there’s something so unique about everyday people and their style choices. Great image, I love how candid it is. <3/Madison
    Style For Him

  9. I enjoy street style pics as well …it’s amazing to see the variety of styles that people have and how they wear them so effortlessly!


  10. I am obsessed with Street Style photos too. I love seeing how people dress in everyday life.

  11. I truly enjoy the little changes that you made to your blog, Ali, very clean and crisp. Do let me know how you like the photography class. It has been something that I had in mind to do for the longest time but have always found an excuse not to enrol.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  12. I just looked at one of her post and absolutely fell in love with it. Thanks for introducing us to her. I will definitely have to go back, when I have some time, and check out all the goodies that are on her site.

    Kia / KTS

  13. Yay! Congrats on taking the leap and enrolling. I love street style photography, the whole spontaneity and artistry behind it. The colours and positions, angles, everything. I’d love to be able to capture that within myself lol.


  14. Just took a look at her blog and I love it! Her pictures are fantastic 🙂

  15. I quite agree with you that street style photos have a sort of relaxing aura to them, and I love it! Sandra Semburg’s photographs are so beautiful!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  16. What I like the most of street style photography is the spontaneity. Enjoy the classes!


  17. I love street style too! I´ve just checked out her blog! She´s really talented, love her photograhpy!:)

  18. Street style is so inspiring- I love this shot!


  19. Stunning post!! Thanks for sharing

  20. Wow! You are right her work is amazing! So full of life! Such stunning photos!


  21. Wow, she’s really talented! It’s so inspiring to see great work like this!

  22. Thanx for sharing this Allie,I heading there right now.
    Xoxo Bing.


  23. Beautiful picture!! I wish I was in NYC!!
    Glamoury Armory Blog

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