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The Heeled Loafer or the granny shoe trend—what say you?

The granny shoe trend, what say you? This style of shoe which I would describe as a heeled loafer was quite the rage in the sixties. I have a distinct memory of going through my grandmothers closet and looking at all her old fashioned shoes and being quite amused. And I remember watching movies and TV shows from the sixties and seventies—shows like The Brady Bunch and looking at the styles and thinking people had lost their minds. And those blocked heeled loafers were the worst offenders. But they are, to my amazement, back.

And as I have had zero experience wearing this style of shoe I must admit I am finding it a bit challenging. What exactly do you wear them with? Skinny jeans? Umm nope. Coulottes? Perhaps. Skirts? Maybe a long pleated skirt would do the trick. A mini dress? Um no, that may be a bit too much of blast from the past. A long layered midi dress? This would certainly be more on trend. Though that said, I have yet to wear these shoes. I am struggling on how to style them with the clothes I currently own. Wide cut trousers are another option, I just do not own a lot of them.

By trying out a challenging trend with a less expensive option, it gives you time to figure it out

This pair of granny shoes I picked up at DSW are from Life Stride. They are surprisingly comfortable and very affordable at $39.99. So if this is a trend you want to dip your toe in and do not want spend a lot of money I would recommend these stylish kicks.

By trying out a challenging trend with a less expensive option, it gives you time to figure it out. And if you find you can wear them and style them in a way that you like, then you can always get a more expensive or designer pair in a similar style.

And if any of you have any suggestions on how to style this type of shoe please feel free to share your advice. I could use the help.


  1. Wow…these heeled loafers look too cool and chic babe….xoxo, Neha


  2. So glad you came up with this topic! It’s definitely a trend which demands a great styling. Otherwise they will look a bit strange 🙂
    Have a great day!
    xx, Carmen – http://www.carmitive.com

  3. They are stunning I love loafer and I will wear these in a minute.

  4. Not sure about the trend, ,maybe rolled up skinnies cou;ld work 🙂 xx

  5. I love those heels actually! SO rad!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  6. You always find the best style deals! I used to have a pair of lace up granny shoes that I just wore to death. I found they worked well trousers especially styles with a little bit of flare and I wore them with midi length dresses and skirts alot.

  7. My mom had similar shoes when she got married (in silver of course). I like your pair and think wide legged pants would work. I ‘m still trying to get used to stacked heels though!

  8. Please show how you style the pair that you got, Allie? I like the looks of this style but just have no idea how to style it.

  9. I love wearing those heeled loafers, but my doc. has advised me lately not to wear them because of some pains in my feet..


  10. Loving this loafer trend!


  11. It’s definitely an interesting trend to have come back around. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. Like you said though, I’m having a hard envisioning what I’d wear them with.

  12. Well, I fnd this style a bit trickier, to find the perfect combination – jeans, skirts, what? Nevertheless it’s nice to wear a different things and at the same time remember our grannies 🙂 Hope you have a very beautiful Christmas time!

  13. Well, I have large feet and I so often have to compromise and wear something bit granny-like….

    I would wear these shoes, in fact. (I think I have had many similar pairs!). I want to feel comfortable in my shoes and these actually look OK. Not amazing but I’m sure they look better with the total outfit.

    I’m sure they would go with jeans. And classic pants. Shorter skirts and dresses, I would say.

    I would do the “stompy shoes versus feminine dress” thing or something like that. I think they need something balancing to look cool.

    But yeah, jeans are the easiest way. Always. 🙂


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