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It’s finally here-the customizable shoe-Enter Shoes of Prey

Have you ever seen a pair of shoes that you loved but wished you could tweek one or two things? Make the heel lower or higher, have a block heel instead of stiletto or make it a sling back instead of a fully closed heel? Well today you are in luck. Shoes of Prey is a new customizable shoe brand that allows you to do just that. And they don’t stop at heels, they also offer boots, slip-ons and sneakers.


And the best part? They are affordable averaging between $149-$169 a pair. Click on style you like and then click customize and you will see all the options available for making the perfect pair of shoes for you. I love this! First there was customizable dresses and now shoes, does it get ant better? Head to ShoesofPrey.com and get styling!


  1. Yes, how clever is this idea?! I so want to make some, though I know I would end up making so many that I will end up overdoing it!
    xx Jenelle

    1. Haha me too!

  2. Hey Allie, hope you’re doing great and wish you the best for the new week!

    Oh wow, you always present interesting but also refreshing news that make me wanna be 100% in the fashion world again! Haven’t heard about this new brand but the idea of customizable shoes could not be better, hope they succeed ’cause they’re really a good investment. I’ll make sure to recommend the brand to my friends.

    I dare to say that nowadays the brands or products that succeed are those that admit many possibilities and customization by the user, just like Shoes of Prey!

    All the best and thanks again for your nice comment on my blog 😀

    1. Yes too true a company here in NY just announced a similar platform with big name designers were clothes are going to be maid to order

  3. So cool that this finally exists. We’re definitely moving toward a more customizable future. I love that we now have the option to do that with shoes as I’ve seen a pair of heels that I loved but didn’t buy because of the heel height. Cool that this can be done with sneakers, too.

    1. Yes too true a company here in NY just announced a similar platform with big name designers were clothes are going to be maid to order and right after the shows, Things are really changing

  4. Oh, that is so awesome! This is good news, I will check it out! Yay!

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

    1. Yes do so! Hope to see during NYFW

  5. I will be so biased to comment now, because I love Shoes of Prey and I have a pair – it’s really so nice, because it is customized, so we have to like it – it’s our design 🙂 Loved the post, dear Allie! I hope you are fine and that you have a lovely week!

    1. Do You? Wow now I really want to try a pair!

  6. Yes I have definitely see shoes that would have been perfect for me if only for a few tweaks. This is genius and the price range is quite reasonable. Thanks for the intro! Off to shop now…

    1. Yes it is genius isn’t it?

  7. What, this is the best thing ever… why haven’t I heard about it earlier?! Now my imagination is running wild LOL!
    Have a beautiful day Allie!


    1. Yep that is what it all about, sky’s the limit

  8. That is pretty cool! I have not heard of this brand but I have heard of custom shoes. Tanya Heath used to have interchangeable soles with shoes. It’s a great idea. I like the red boots and the red and burgundy heels here!

    1. I know it is, I can’t wait try it out

  9. Happy New Year!!

    Great content and love your thoughts on this post

    ??Thank you so much for all the support??

    Harija Ravi

    1. Thank you!

  10. Oooooo…this is quite an awesome concept. I’ve seen so many heels I love but I always found them way too high for my liking. So cool you can customize with this company. Will check the site out:)

    1. Yep that is the best part, controlling the heel height

  11. Great post dear, thanks for sharing!!! <3 – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  12. this sounds like such a great idea! xx

    1. yes it is!

  13. That’s such a cool concept and like no other I’ve heard of before! Even though I’m tall, I usually lean towards wanting to heighten the heel and so that would be an adjustment I’d make. Oh dear, I hope this doesn’t catch on everywhere or else I’ll end up with a never-ending collection of shoes, haha! 😉
    Thanks for sharing news of this and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!


    1. Hahaha me too, kind of dangerous.

  14. I’m obsessed with Shoes of Prey


  15. Ahhh yes. This brand has been around for years. And I can’t believe I’ve never purchased anything yet. I’ve created so many different designs too hahaha! They’re such a unique and exciting brand though. I’ve always loved the concept and find it amazing that no one else has every tried to “copy” this idea.


  16. These are gorgeous shoes dear, especially that red heeled ankle boots!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  17. Customizable shoes sound like an amazing idea! I remember in college, we had to design a concept in marketing class, and I think someone came up with this! Never knew it could be real!


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