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Non Surgical Laser Procedures for Younger Looking Skin and What to Consider

… agism for both men and women does exist in our society. It may the last dirty little secret no one wants to talk about but we all know it is hard cold fact of life…

A number of months ago I wrote about the early signs of aging and when we as women start to notice our faces changing. Back in the day it was all about getting a man and our sexuality and our identity as women. But now that women have entered the work force there is another element that women have to think about as they age. Although technically illegal, agism for both men and women does exist in our society. It may the last dirty little secret no one wants to talk about but we all know it is hard cold fact of life in the American work force. So although some may see taking steps to keep oneself looking younger as vain and frivolous, to those of us with our eyes open we known that it just may be a necessity like it or not.

I myself would never have surgery just to stay younger looking. First off it is way to expensive. Secondly there too many risks and the recovery is too intense. I have had surgery before so I am well aware of what to expect, and I am not interested. However I would consider a non surgical procedure. But there are things to take in to account before you move forward, so lets look at a few:

Skin Tightening Facts to Know Before Making an Appointment

Wrinkly skin is never fun, and it’s also not something that you have to put up with forever. In fact, there are many different skin tightening procedures you could potentially have. That’s why there are several facts about the process that you need to know before you make an appointment to have a specific skin tightening procedure done.

Sound Waves, Laser Procedures, and Other Treatments
To begin with you should know the basic types of skin tightening procedures available to you. Two of the biggest wide categories are sound treatments and light treatments. Sound treatments include things like radio frequency procedures. Ultrasound therapy is also included in that category.

All forms of sound wave therapy are basically meant to do the same thing. They all stimulate lower layers of skin and encourage your body to start fixing its own skin cells on the inside. That should eventually translate to a healthier look on the outside.

As for lasers, people have had medical equipment like that to treat skin problems for years, but in the case of skin tightening you have to choose a laser wisely. Some of them are designed to provide intensive treatments on deep wrinkles. Others are better at treating shallow wrinkles and fine lines before they get out of control. And this girls, is why I am considering doing something like this at some point. And keeping your skin in prime condition at all times is key. For the better condition your skin is in to begin with the easier it will be treat when the time comes.

Age Can Also be a Factor in Choosing a Treatment
Another thing you have be aware of is that your age is a factor. The natural process of aging can make skin more and more loose. So, the older you are, the harder it might be to reverse that damage and the larger the wrinkles might be that you have to treat. That means that you should be prepared to have more ongoing treatments the older you are. If you happen to be younger and just have a few pesky wrinkles to treat, you might see more long-lasting results from a single treatment or short series of treatments.

Benefits of the Various Treatment Types
Regardless of whether you choose to have laser treatment or sound wave treatment, you can enjoy several benefits. One is that the treatments are faster than having a face lift or other type of cosmetic surgery. In only an hour or two you can be in and out of the clinic. You may not even have to miss any work.

Another benefit is that you won’t have to deal with much pain or any major side effects, generally. Your skin will be numbed for a laser procedure, and sound wave therapy is virtually painless. So, either way you can relax and not have to worry about pain. The procedures are also relatively free of harsh side effects, which means that your recovery should be quick, if not immediate.

Ongoing Skincare Expenses Should be Expected
No matter what skincare treatment you have to tighten up sags and wrinkles, you should expect ongoing expenses. Wrinkles will unfortunately keep coming back after a while. You can’t treat them all once and be free of them for life. Nevertheless, managing them properly and taking care of your skin regularly can help to keep your costs and number of procedures down. So it is never too early to start taking care of your skin. I have been using moisturizer on my face since I was about twelve. It always shocks me when I hear people say they only use soap water. I have never done this not even in my teens.

So I am curious have any of you ever had anything like this done? I am still considering a procedure like one of these in the future. With today’s advances in technology the risks are much lower then they use to be. There is always some risk, but not having to go under the knife and still yielding the benefits of looking younger is pretty tempting I must say. What say you? Would you consider a procedures like one of these?

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  1. I will prefer this than surgery when I’m ready is sounds safer and the plus is no side effect why not go for this treatment instead of under the knifes.

  2. I’m pretty lucky that I look young for my age thanks to Asian genes but I also do a lot of prevention through skincare, I don’t think I could ever go under the knife but I would consider non-surgical procedures especially if they work.

  3. You’re completely right– this is something so many women face (ageism in the work place) but it hasn’t been widely discussed. To be honest, if I had the budget nothing would stop me from getting work done when I’m older!


  4. This is a really informative post, Ali and I will be considering sound waves treatments in the future but I am on the fence about laser procedures. Have seen quite a few horror incidents and it scared the crap out of me.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. Oohh, I’ve been really eyeing some non-invasive procedures lately. No matter how much sunscreen I slather on my face, those tiny wrinkles just keep cropping up, and I’ve resigned to the fact that all those creams and masks aren’t going to start reversing those lines. Never heard of sound wave treatments before, but would love to look into that.
    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  6. Have you heard about Fraxel? I know two girls here in NYC who did it and swear by it! I am not ready for laser treatments yet, however, I tried and loved Botox. What is your opinion about injections?


  7. Very interesting! I’m not sure I would ever want to go under the knife to look younger, but I could see myself eventually doing a noninvasive treatment in order to age gracefully.

  8. I can have a a procedures like one of these.


  9. i get botox annually for my migraines–i get them very easily from the sun in my eyes in the summertime. but that’s it. i am not a fan of the wrinkles that have started popping up on my face.

  10. This sounds amazing .something i would really try

  11. I haven’t tried this before, but I definitely wouldn’t mind doing this if I had the money. Better than going under the knife. Ha!


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