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Estee LaLonde and the changing taboo of What Society considers attractive and the taboos that have not changed

Today I am sharing with you a video from the wildly successful blogger and vlogger Estee Lalonde. Many of you probably know who she is, and some of you may even follow her. She recently came out with a book called “Bloom” in which she speaks about body shaming and consciousness.

One of the upsides of blogging and vlogging is the more diverse representation of what we as a society consider attractive. You see many more woman of color and from ethnically diverse backgrounds. And unlike the world of high fashion not all vloggers and bloggers are super thin.

But on other hand there are still some things that have not changed. Most of the super successful bloggers seem to have certain types of features and most of them are in their twenties. It seems you can be less then svelte, you just can’t be old. And let’s be honest, most of the popular bloggers and vloggers don’t have features that are considered less desirable. None of them have hook noses, or an undefined chin or bad teeth. They don’t break out in to a wide smile to reveal yellow or crooked teeth.

There is a lot science that can go in to the study of what features we respond to as a society in a positive way, but most models regardless of race and ethnicity share very similar features. They generally have very little space between the end of their nose and the tops of their mouths.

They also tend to have large eyes, full mouths and pronounced or full cheeks. And sadly a lot of the more successful influencers share similar characteristics.

They also have very small chins—that is the space from the bottom of their lower lips to the end of their chins is very small, and they tend to have higher foreheads. Most models foreheads are or appear when photographed to have foreheads that are in ratio, three times higher then their chins. Look through most fashion magazines you will see what I mean. They also tend to have large eyes, full mouths and pronounced or full cheeks. And sadly a lot of the more successful influencers share similar characteristics.

So it seems for all that’s changed somethings have remained the same. What say you?


  1. This is an issue that we as a society have been battling for some time now, we win some but still have ways to go. I love that more are embracing diversity but yes, most successful bloggers/vloggers are usually younger and blessed in looks.

  2. Very interesting blog post…Body shaming is the worst especially when its done via social media because behind a screen sits a coward who has nothing better to do but bring others down. While it’s true that very successful bloggers are beautiful and might have certain characteristics — I only applaud them! I am all about supporting one another (us women need to this more!)vs being jealous?! What’s the point? Negative energy doesn’t lead anywhere. Do you agree?

    Happy Monday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  3. Ugh I love her so much!



  4. Yes I love what she said about what you want to read/see because that’s how I decide on my blog and Instagram content. Beauty is something that is so subjective but it’s nice that there is more emphasis on diversity and representation these days. I have this theory that somehow being in the public eye makes people attractive to others whether they really or not so I’d rather judge someone based on their personality than their looks. In the end it doesn’t matter what you look like if you’re ugly inside.

  5. Wonderful post!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  6. I don’t have any of those popular traits and it does really seem that beauty means a lot in every single corner of the world. I guess even if I can appreciate outer beauty, I feel like with bloggers it’s really the inner beauty that draws me in and makes me feel loyal and connected to them though. I hope that more really unconventional beauties become popular especially in the blogging world !

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