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Spot Light On –Jessica Decarlo

Accessories, Fashion, Jewelry - [email protected] - November 20, 2013

Jessicadecarlo1 Jessicadecarlo2 Jessicadecarlo3 Jessicadecarlo4 Jessicadecarlo5 Jessica Decarlo has always loved nature. Being a bit of a free spirit she was torn between her love of nature and her desire to live in a more urban setting. She began collecting jewelry at an early age and always loved to work with her hands. After graduating from high school Jessica  attended a small liberal arts college in Vermont and took jewelry making classes on the side at a design studio. She move to NY in 2007 and shortly there after began designing and making jewelry full time.  Jessica launched her current jewelry line aptly named Jessica Decarlo in 2008 and it has grown steadily year by year. In addition to selling at all the well known flea markets in New York such as the Brooklyn Flea and The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park, she also sells her jewelry to boutiques across the country. Through her jewelry Jessica found a way to combine her love of nature and her independent city girl life style. Her jewelry is fashion forward, sophisticated, and eclectic. It embraces the soft side of nature and serves it up with a side of urban chic. The perfect accessory for city girls with a bohemian wanderlust. So I was super excited when Jessica agreed to open her Brooklyn studio to me for a leisurely chat and a cup of tea.

1) Did you always intend on owning your own business or did this happen organically?

Yes. I always knew that having and running a business was something I was going to do…even when I was as young as 16


2) Can you speak a little about the process that goes in to the making and creation of your pieces? And how are you inspired to create your designs can you speak a little about that process as well?

We hand hammer many pieces in the collection. We also hand carve many of the cast pieces. My company is based on being hand crafted and made from real people. I’m inspired to create my designs by being alive every day. There’s nothing better than getting to create and make nice things for others to enjoy.
3) Did you always know you would work in a creative industry? Yes, always.


4) Regarding your business and career, if there was one thing you could do differently what would it be?

I wouldn’t change a thing, it’s all a learning process.
5) If you did not own your own company and were not making jewelry, what could you see yourself doing?

I never thought about this… not once, and honestly, don’t really want to! I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.


6) Any advice you could give a young person who is thinking of creating their own line of jewelry or starting their own business?

Stick with it, work really hard, and be nice to people


To see more of Jessica’s work please visit her site at jessicadecarlo.com


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