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Collectionsy-Milano ss2018 for Lookbook friday

Happy 2018 everyone. Here is hoping that 2018 will be a better year then the one we left behind. It is the time of the year when we look inward and then outward


















Happy 2018 everyone. Here is hoping that 2018 will be a better year then the one we left behind. It is the time of the year when we look inward and then outward. And for me this means a more dedicated vision of bringing to you my devoted readers the best in new and emerging designers. I want to focus less on the well known designers, not that you will not see coverage of the heavy hitters but you will certainly see more of a focus on break out talents and the smaller houses.

And in today’s Lookbook Friday I am going to introduce you Collectionsy-Milano. A brand based out of Italy and founded by Shang Yang who studied at the Domas Academy in Milan. Shang Yang rose quickly working with well know brands in Italy while still in school and having his 2016 graduate collection featured in Vogue Italia.

His strength lies in his deceivingly simple lines and playful aesthetic

The collection for 2018 embraces a youthful and more body conscious silhouette then we have seen the last few seasons. Fluctuating between streamlined pieces of expert tailoring and more embellished garments the lineup offers a kinetic duality of adorned minimalism. His strength lies in his deceivingly simple lines and playful aesthetic. With the elongated body dresses and two tiered skirt and ruffled jackets stealing the show. To see from Shang Yang head to Collections.com.

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Fashion Trends-Sheer Tops

Fashion Trends - [email protected] - February 13, 2014


To sheer or not to sheer? The sheer top trend has been in full swing for a number of seasons now. And in the warmer months it sometimes seems that is all that is available. I am not sure how I feel about this trend. On the one hand it can certainly be a fun trend, but on the other hand it is not all that practical. I for one, would not wear a sheer shirt to the office, (at least not by itself) and it would not be allowed even if I wanted to. I have seen plenty of women cavorting around NYC in sheer shirts wearing nothing but a bra (and pants or skirt of course), maybe it is just me, but I find this a wee bit tacky, and I think this type of look should be relegated to the beach or clubbing. If I were to wear a super sheer top I would wear a cami under it. Although, sometimes the shirts can have a v cut neckline, or be too low cut for the average cami, which means you would have to search out a low cut cami in addition to keeping a selection of scooped necked camis on hand. This can get annoying—not being able to just wear the shirt as is, but it will allow you to engage in this trend and still feel sophisticated, IE: not tacky.


But there are other options too. You can do a large lace pattern (top image) like this shirt from Pixie Market. It is no longer available, but do stop by this retailer for sure, they have the cutest most unique items at affordable prices. And you can certainly see the models bra, but with the oversized lace it does not look to bad. Or you can do sheer panels like this hot pants jump suite from Willow, or a sheer shirt that is more on the opaque side like this navy one from Sheinside, or this white one from Zara, which is just perfect with a gold metallic mini skirt. I love how this was styled. And finally you can pull out all the stops and do a sheer sequined top like this one over at Urban Outfitters, but ladies leave this for after work. I also pulled together a few more sheer tops to tickle your fancy, see below. So, are you on board with this trend? Would you, or do you wear sheer shirts? DYDI?

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Winter white a refreshing trend

Fashion Trends - [email protected] - January 15, 2014


Winter white is certainly having a moment. It is such a breath of fresh air, and It is a wonderful way to add some variety and fun to your winter wardrobe. This look by Celine  with the white cropped sweater and white skirt is so sophisticated. I like that the sweater is semi cropped–it is not too short and there is no “midriff” showing. The off white palette and detail in the sleeves contrast nicely with the streamlined minimalism of the the skirt. Just gorgeous.


You can also wear a cropped winter white sweater with jeans, or you can opt for a long winter white sweater. Both of these sweaters are from Lyst.com, be sure to head on over and have look around. I have a pair of pleather leggings that are just crying out for a chunky winter white sweater, so this is next on my must have list. This crystal embellished sweater by Burberry looks great with this muted yellow, lace pencil skirt. But it is pricey, if it is a wee bit outside your budget, then consider this sweater by Anthropologie. It is affordable at $88.00, so all you really have to do is add a blingy collar necklace, and throw on a lace bottom, or some leather leggings and you will be good to go. Right?


And of course we can not talk about winter white without mentioning the winter white coat trend. From casual to dressy, a white coat is a very easy way to update your look with one garment. You can wear it with jeans, leggings, pumps, sneakers or boots; and if you really want to be on trend just add a bag with a chain or some quilting. And do not be afraid to be bold. I am just smitten with how this young women paired this long, fluffy white coat with more masculine garments like the navy blazer, and button down shirt and tie. Even her bag looks more like a briefcase then a handbag. Finally she topped off the whole look with rocker cool aviator glasses. I would venture to say this gal has got style and then some! This wrap coat is currently on sale at ASOS, so if you are in the market for one hurry, because it probably will not be around for long.

Images 1,2,& 3


And of course if we can do white coats in winter, we can also do white dresses. This look is from a fun British blogger I recently discovered. The dark tights and black moto boots keep this dress from looking to summery. She paired it with a leopard print coat, which really turns up the chic factor. So hop on over to her site I Want You To Know  and see for yourself. I have to say, I do not have to many winter white garments if any, but I am looking to change this. And what about you? Do you own any winter white garments?

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Lucky Day at the Spa

Fashion Trends - [email protected] - January 14, 2014


I have been meaning to add one of these long flowing skirts to my wardrobe. What a nice break from pencil skirts and minis. And Caitlin of the A little Dash of Darling  blog did a wonderful job styling this skirt from Tibi. I have a fitted denim jacket and a long sleeved striped shirt, so all I really need to do is add this skirt–and viola, I could pull this look off! For the specific details on Caitlin’s outfit head on over to her blog.

I also do not have any leopard print shoes, something else I would like to add to my wardrobe, and speaking of shoes Sarah Jessica Parker’s new line is launching this month at Nordstrom . You must check it out. I read about this in Lucky Magazine this weekend when I was at the nail spa for a much needed pedicure, and I have a couple of other links I would also like to share. I am always looking for products that help relieve puffiness and fluid retention under the eyes. And Klorane a company generally associated with hair care products recently introduced fluid reducing eye patches to their corn silk line. I think I may try these out, has anyone ever tried these? And finally the super fun and talented blogger Tamu McPherson of the All The Pretty Birds blog is now a contributing editor at Lucky, how exciting for her! Her blog is full of the latest goings on in fashion and with a quirky writing style, and minimalist design, I am not surprised.

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