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Soul Makes

Accessories - alimackin@gmail.com - September 23, 2013

Hippy chic and Bo Ho style is all the rage right now, so I am super excited to bring you this wonderful jewelry company I discovered last week. Soul Makes is the creative collaboration of husband and wife team Trevor and Mackenzie Mars. Mackenzie designs the jewelry, and Trevor is the photographer.  Together they turned their passions in to a viable and successful company. Self described as a virtual bohemian wonderland, Soul Makes is your one stop shop for all your free spirited hippy trinkets. Don’t you think their jewelry would go perfect with the bags from Cleobella I spoke about a few weeks ago?  And be sure to check out the new arrivals section on Soul Makes, my personal faves are the Gypsy Night Necklace and the Autumn Lagoon Agate Bracelet. The pieces are affordable, crafted with love and will make anything you are wear a boho hippy chic statement.

All images via SoulMakes.com

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Its In The Bag

Accessories - alimackin@gmail.com - July 23, 2013

I have spoken in past posts about my reluctance to get on board with the maxi dress trend, well another trend I was dragging my feet on was the cross body bag trend. This was for two reasons: the first was it reminded me a bit too much of the 90’s and bare mid-drifs and the wearing of cross body bags as way to discourage would be muggers – a trend which actually started in the 1980’s.  The second reason is that they tend to be bit on the small side. Living in NY and constantly walking and taking public transit, hand bags have a big job to do– they have to carry ALL your stuff for long periods of time. You do not have the option of stashing the rest of your things in your car.  But it seems retailers have begun to make bigger cross body bags so there just might be one in my future.
There is one very big benefit though to cross body bags and that is – coveniance. Having both hands free and not having to constantly adjust your bag on shoulder is definitely a big plus. In fact I found an over sized fabric  cross body at a little shop in Green Port on the North Fork that is just perfect for summer, stay tuned for a post on that! I rounded up a number of cross body bags in different sizes and styles. And the bag by Rebacca Minkof does triple duty and can be worn three different ways, how cool is that?
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