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A Rebecca Minkoff cross body and Ted Baker wallet in lavender and pink, bring on summer!

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Spring is officially here, though it may not feel like it at times. But rest assured in another month or so it will be time to finally shed the winter coats, boots and black bags for maxi dresses, sandals and pastels. I bought this bag last year at a Rebecca Minkhoff event I attended through the New City Style Collective.

A Beautiful Illustrated Tote From Anthropologie and My Answer to too Much Black

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eing a consummate New Yorker I wear a lot of black. Black clothes, black shoes, black coats, black accessories, but when summer roles around the last thing I feel like doing is carrying around a heavy black bag. Last week I spoke about the blush suede bag I picked up at Zara, well here is a beauty that I picked up at Anthropologie a few weeks ago and you will not believe how much I paid for this stunner.