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Blogging, Vlogging and being a full time mom how do they do it?

I have spoken on the blog before about how difficult it is to run a blog while having a full-time job. During the week I leave the house at eight AM and usually return home around seven thirty in the evening. So a fairly long day. But I could not imagine running a blog full-time with a young child, that has to be challenging. But many people pull it off, as does Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor, who is a blogger, vlogger and a mom. Whew, I got tired just typing that!

No, Chriselle’s life may not always be glamorous but it certainly is charming—no argument there. So be sure to watch this touching video about how Chriselle’s daughter Chloe has impacted her life and the day to day joy of raising a child. Not always easy, but always rewarding.

Yes, yes, as many of you may have figured out I am developing quite the You Tube addiction, so expect to see more of these posts. But its research! It’s research!


  1. What a sweet video and a fascinating look at being a mom and a blogger/vlogger.

  2. Anyone who is able to work, be a mummy and wifey and blog/vlog full time has my respect. I have no idea how they do it because I struggle every day. The thought of I need to quit cross my mind at least 5 times a day.

  3. I’ve been following her for so long way before she got married. This is a sweet video.


  4. I’ll need to show this to my sister! She has the two cutest little babies and I really wish she would blog haha but she’s a full-time mommy and it’s hard!

    Simply Lovebirds

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