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Happy summer everyone, today I am introducing you to Elle of  The Elle Diaries in my next installment of #BloggersOnDuty. I met Elle through my blog, we would read and comment on each others blog. We followed each other for well over a year before we met. I had come to feel that I knew Elle as a friend and last fall during Fashion Week we finally got to meet. We had a wonderful time at NYFW and you can be sure we will attend the shows together this fall.

With a love of fashion, the city in which she lives and the desire to express herself in a rapidly changing society The Elle Diaries was born

Elle lives in New York City with her husband, but on the weekends you can often find her in the Hamptons. With a love of fashion, the city in which she lives and the desire to express herself in a rapidly changing society The Elle Diaries was born. Last Week I met Elle for lunch and a shoot. We shot in a lovely park across the street from the U.N and afterwards we chatted over lunch about our lives and the ever changing landscape in the blogosphere. Elle was engaging, open and a delight to chat with, such a fun way to spend an afternoon. And sure to stay tuned for the next installment of #BloggersOnDuty.

Occupation: Blogger

How old is your blog: The Ellie Diaries is less than two  years old, But I started blogging almost 5 years ago.

Why did you start your blog: I started my blog for a variety of reasons. The main two would be: one, as a means of self expression and an outlet for my creativity. And secondly, the most compelling reason would be to “picture myself well” after being diagnosed with a serious and rare  auto immune disease. I was seeing so many doctors for my multi-system disease that I saw myself as a patient, and I knew I needed a better mindset to gain optimal control of the disease process. Wear it and it will come?

At this time, I fell in love with thrift store and consignment store shopping. Because the prices were so much lower than I had been used to paying, I started buying a more colorful and eclectic wardrobe. I soon began to replace my more conservative and minimal wardrobe—you can read that as grey and beige, with one with more vibrant and enjoyable pattern mixing. I do believe that blogging has helped me in many ways .

What article of clothing could you not live without: One article of clothing that I could not live without is a terribly unglamorous one, I have comfy sweats that are worn to bits and they are the most comfortable thing I own. I live in them at night. The piece that I seem to wear most often, and around the house, is a tiered denim skirt made for Gap Kids that cost three dollars at a resale shop.

And then there is my jewelry; I often wear several pieces—even when I am staying home to do housework. I love my bling. I used to design jewelry.

What was the Last Book you read: The last book I read is “True Style” by Glenda K. Harrison.  It is very hard for me read actual books because my eyes muscles are weak, but I was able to enjoy that book and loved it. I do love listening to books on Audible.com and the last audio book that I listened to was the Chemist by Stephanie Meyer; a gripping thriller involving a CIA type organization and personal survival, told from the perspective of a brilliant and brave woman.

If you didn’t live in NY what city would you live in: If I could not live in New York I would live in New Zealand, San Francisco, or Montreal. There are many places I can see myself in, but I do love Manhattan…

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#BloggersOnDuty—Elle of The Elle Diaries