#Blogger On Duty—Andrea of Pretty Proper Quaint

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I am excited and happy to announce a new ongoing post series here at ALLIE NYC. It is called #BloggeronDuty and it will be a regular series in which I will be profiling bloggers popular in the blogosphere. From fashion, to personal style, to beauty and more. But rest assured you will be introduced to some of the best influencers this side of the internets. So now without further adieu lets get started.

Andrea who grew up on Long Island and now lives in NYC is a member of the NYC Style Collective and this is how I met her. The NYC Style Collective is a NYC based community of bloggers who work and play together and lend each other support. Andrea has a BA in accounting and works as an internal auditor at an investment bank. You know, keeping an eye out for those pesky Bernie Madoff types, a financial sleuth if you will. When she is not working you will find her out and about shooting other bloggers and documenting her personal style on her blog  Pretty Proper Quaint . Andrea and I are both budding ameatuer photographers and love to shoot each other. She is the photographer responsible for those great photos I posted last week featuring the mesh tee from Nautica. Cool right? I look forward to working with her again, and as I have said before—that is the best part about blogging—all the great people you get to meet.

Name: Andrea
Occupation: Internal Auditor at an Investment Bank
How old is your blog: I started my blog in 2014
Why did you start your blog: I started my blog as a way to style and showcase my vintage pieces from my vintage Etsy shop (www.PrettyProperQuaint.Etsy.com). Since then it has transitioned to more of a lifestyle/personal style blog that features my vintage pieces from time to time.
What article of clothing could you not live without: Sunnies – I’ve recently been obsessed with sunnies and I can’t leave the house without a pair!
If you didn’t live in NY what city would you live in: Somewhere in California, maybe Santa Barbara or Santa Monica or San Diego!
What was the Last Book you read: Ugh it’s been so long! All I read are blogs! (ha- jk.) I actually have a ton of books that I start reading and get distracted and start a new book.

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#Blogger On Duty—Andrea of Pretty Proper Quaint