Backstage At Isabel Marant Fall/Winter 2019

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Today for Lookbook Friday we are getting a glimpse of the madness that goes on behind the scenes before a fashion show. And we are joining Isabel Marant backstage as she prepares for the Fall/Winter 2019 show. I love getting a peak of what it takes to prep for such an event. You learn a lot about the industry and are acutely aware of all the hard work involved in creating a line and then putting on such a large scale production. It is not all glitz and glamor, and it is not easy.

I discovered the Loic Prigent channel on YouTube a few months ago, and have been watching it quite a bit. It allows me to practice my French and get a more in-depth view of the current fashion industry.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video and appreciate Isabel Marant’s fun but brusque get to point personality. So refreshing in the era of fake news. Some people describe the French as rude, but being a New Yorker I find their “to the point” mindset favorable to the “lets pretend everything is great” view point you often find in the States.

I hope you enjoy!

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Backstage At Isabel Marant Fall/Winter 2019