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Beauty Pie Unboxing

[dropcap custom_class="whb"Hi Everyone today I am sharing with you my first Beauty Pie Unboxing. I recently found out about this brand and I am duly impressed, it is like Amazon for beauty. You pay $59 for the year and then purchase all items at a heavily discounted price. You pay drug store prices but the products are on the level of high-end department store brands, I mean what is not to love?[/dropcap]
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NYFW Street Style SS 2023 Part Three

[dropcap custom_class="bl"]It is the end of the first week of May and spring is in full swing with summer right round the corner. I am ready to get and about and to hit the beach, who’s with me? In the mean time here is another installment of street style looks outside the shows for NYFW for Spring Summer 2023. As you can see it was a bit of rainy day, but that did not stop the well heeled fashionistas from stepping out in style.[/dropcap]
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Gap Jeans Haul Spring 2023

[dropcap custom_class="whb"]Hello all, today I am sharing with you a quick spring jeans haul. All of the jeans are from GAP, including the tops that are so not jeans. I had a lot of jeans. There was a time when I had almost no jeans. I made up for that and over they years I had quite the collection of jeans. I then stopped buying then all together as I had enough and I did not buy them for years. The last pair I bought until now was about seven years ago and even then, it was a one off purchase. Recently I have noticed that a lot of them do not fit anymore, or at least not comfortably LOL.[/dropcap]
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Katie Gallagher (1986-2022)

[dropcap custom_class="whbr"]I came from work last week and as I usually do I sat down in front of my computer to answer emails and return comments on my blog and YouTube channel, when a video popped up on my feed about a fashion designer’s death being ruled a homicide. I looked at the thumbnail and I thought that the young woman in the photo looked very familiar. Then I clicked on the video and saw the name Katie Gallagher— and then it clicked.[/dropcap]
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NYFW Street Style SS 2023 Part Two

[dropcap custom_class="bl"]Happy March Everyone! As we march towards spring I am sharing the next installment of the street style images I shot outside the spring summer shows last September. There is more to come, though I may take a break and share some photos I took last month outside the Fall/Winter 2023 shows. I shot these photos outside Spring Studios, as usual I was running around with my photog crew[/dropcap]
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Street Style From NYFW SS 2023

[dropcap custom_class="bl"]Fashion Week is right around the corner, and it always sneaks up on me as it seems to arrive so quickly on the heels of the holidays. And with the changes from the pandemic it is a little hard to stay on track. This Fashion Week is going to be quiet for me, though I hope to be able to shoot a bit. Today I am finally getting to share with you some street style snaps I took outside the shows last September. It was great running into other photogs and influencers and bloggers I am friendly with.[/dropcap]
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