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Aranyani is a hand-crafted luxury handbag company from India featuring artisan crafted leather handbags for women and men. Inspired by nature and committed to sustainability the brand prides itself on creating works of art that are both an homage to the crafting traditions of the local artisans and functional leather goods for the modern consumer. To see more from Aranyani head to Aranyani.co

Photography by Moniker Fidler


  1. The bags are exquisite! I see a few pieces that I would be more than happy to have in my wardrobe.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. Me too! I like the last cross body bag with the chain

  2. They did a great job with this presentation since the bags stand out more than anything else.

    1. Yes that was the idea with everyone dressed more or less the same

  3. Wow, this show is amazing! Those bags are absolutely stunning!


    1. They are so fun with the colors and patterns

  4. Those bags are beautiful!

    1. They were even nicer in person

  5. These handbags and backpacks really stand out. I love the whimsical design and intricate detail. The clothing is distinctive and a beautiful complement to the accessories!
    Phenomenal photography,

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