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2018 and the future of blogging and influencing, where are we headed?

It has become a bit of a tradition for me, but I like to look at the future of blogging and the influencing arena in general at the start of each new year. It seems this is an ever changing field so to speak, though not sure if “influencing” is technically considered a field of work. And on that note does anyone even say “field” anymore pertaining to the industry for which they work?

Things change so rapidly now, it seems you barely have time to embrace a medium or platform, and that as soon as you do, it boarders on becoming obsolete. The publishing industry has been around in it’s modern day form for roughly a hundred years. Magazines rose in popularity in the Victorian era when leisure time become more prevalent due to technical advances and the industrial revolution. And now we are in the twenty first century’s technical revolution and it is upending a hundred year old industry.

But it is happening. And faster then many realize

We often hear of robots replacing blue collar jobs in the manufacturing industries but you do not hear quite as much talk about white collar jobs in big cities being lost to advances in technology. Can anyone say smartphone? But it is happening. And faster then many realize.

It has been debated that blogs and blogging have challenged the publishing industry though really the issue is much more complex then simply blaming it on one phenomenon. But that said, what about blogs? Now it seems blogs too are challenged. And may become a thing of the past.

YouTube is going to give all publishing platforms a run for their money

Many believed that blogs would go by the way side in lieu of the rising popularity of Instagram. Although this has not quite happened, blogs are definitely seeing much more competition for viewership. And more then Instagram, YouTube is going to give all publishing platforms a run for their money. They say four hundred hours of videos are uploaded every minute.

So if an industry that has been round for over a hundred years, is being challenged by a platform that has been around for about a decade or less and that platform is now being challenged by a platform that has also been around for a decade but due to advances in technology has become more accessible then ever, where will all this lead in the next decade? Or the one after that? Or the one after that?

how many jobs do these brave new industries really create?

So what exactly is the future of blogging? Or vlogging for that matter? And how many jobs do these brave new industries really create? What percentage of bloggers and vloggers earn a viable living? What say you? Where do you see the brace new world of “influencing” headed in the next decade or two?


  1. I think it’s been interesting to see blogs change, as someone who has been a blog reader longer than a blogger. It’s sad sometimes to see the way things have changed, but I am in this for the fun of it so it’s going to be interesting to see where each new year brings us! It’s funny you mentioned YouTube as I want to make more of a go at that this year, my channel has been so neglected!

    Hope that you are having a nice start to your week and you had a good weekend! We had a quiet one here.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. You should You Tube really is blowing up. And editing is not as hard as you would think. Look in to Filmora

  2. Its hard to say…all I know is its hard to be socially on every platform 24/7 and with everything constantly changing, its hard to keep up… Hope you are having a great Monday xxx

    1. Yes it is hard to do all social media have to pick one or two and focus on that

  3. I loved your post, dear Allie! That is one thing that people are thinking about blogs, that they lost space for Instagram. But just like you said, before there were magazines – still around – but then magazines lost space for blogs… I think it’s evolving… it will change more and more. While it doesn’t happen completely, let’s enjoy blogging 🙂 But it’s true, changes will happen! Hope you have a lovely week! Hugs!

    1. Yes they do, even FW is changing with more and more designers opting out. Ugh, sometimes it is just too much

  4. I think and hope vlogging and blogging will increase as time goes on because I see brands reach for more influences from these platforms when they’re looking for a fresh new face to represent their brand. This can only make us happy!
    I believe this is a passion that can easily pay the bills as you really put time into it and cherish it with love. We’ve seen it being done a numerous times by true #girlbosses!


    1. Yes they are for sure, though only a handful make enough money to live on. but even as a hobby it opens so many doors.

  5. I enjoy blogging, but I’d been wanting to do a vlog for 2 year and transition over. The editing is a bit daunting for me. I think it’s going to ultimately be the one that crushes all the other platforms though. I think people love to watch and listen than read.


    1. Oh yeah You Tube and video is going to crush everything else. You should look in to Filmora by Wondershare it is surprisingly easy to use.

  6. Hey there Allie! Hope you’re having a nice week and thanks for always providing good quality content, this is so difficult to find nowadays in the blogging world.

    I’ve been thinking about this topic for months and I discussed it with other blogger friends in Barcelona. The panorama is definitely changing but I think (and I wish) that blogs won’t disappear (at least soon) ’cause at the end of the day Instagram could be a great source of visual inspiration but it doesn’t belong to us, is an app and an enterprise that could disappear from day to another and what about all the content and effort you created for this app? I see it more like an extension to promote my work (graphic design + illustration services) than a way to become famous and live out of my followers, so I think the point of view will also depend of your goal and of your proposal.

    Things will change obviously, but maybe for good. Many magazines are having economic problems nowadays but on the other side a lot of independent publications are appearing and some of them are becoming a successful case even tho live in the era of digital and many people said a few years ago that magazines were dead.

    Love to read you and love to have your feedback on my blog also!

    Best and have a nice week ahead!

    1. Not sure about Instagram it may have reached it’s peak. Video is just so much more engaging

  7. The blogging field has definitely changed and I honestly think it’s starting to become obsolete. Let’s be honest, how many people read blogs anymore? I am getting very frustrated with IG, I am stuck at 2k since last year and can’t grow regardless how hard I try.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. Yeah Instagram is a beast. Engagement is down.

  8. Well, things are constantly changing, but I am pretty sure Instagram and blogs are here to stay, although, video content is definitely the most powerful tool at the moment. Wishing you a nice day! xx


    1. Not sure if IG and blogs are here to stay. Be curious to see where they are in twenty years. Which really is not all that long

  9. While I think the blogging bubble has burst somewhat I don’t think blogs are going anywhere right now but instead may adapt instead. EVerything does seem to be so instant and reliant on smartphones these days.

    1. Yes! Too reliant.

  10. The ability to make money through blogging is CONSTANTLY shifting.. I wouldn’t ever pin financial hopes on it, because a source of side income… – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  11. I can see how Youtube has paved the way for some influencers/bloggers. I know a few friends that started a YouTube channel as their platform and make some serious endorsement deals and actual jobs. But, I guess I am not a YouTube person in that way, so many people tell me to start a channel but I don’t like my voice in audio/video, lol. Maybe one day, I will. I think I fit in the middle, blogging is still quite a hobby for me, but I am surely thankful and keenly aware of the benefits and platform opps that it has provided me with solely w/new clients alone for my business. I am not a Super Blogger, and I am fine with that! 🙂 I also don’t really see Instagram going anywhere anytime soon, too many possibilities and anyone can use it, even grandma! Plus, you needn’t a lot of content to post. 🙂

    1. Oh I hear you, when I first say myself on video years ago when I worked in the A/V department at my college I was shocked. I looked like an awkward bumbling ding dong. Waaaay too motivated and excitable. Hahaha probably b/c I am a New Yorker.

  12. This was interesting post to read. I agree, blogging field is changing and bcoming less popular as Instagram is becoming powerful.

    Nina’s Style Blog

    1. Not even sure about IG honestly I spend more time on YT

  13. Wonderful post!
    Have a nice end of the week!
    Gil Zetbase

    1. Thank you!

  14. Things have changed a lot in the world and we can say the same for blogging too. Vlogging on YouTube has definitely grew even bigger. People barely watch tv because of it. Ha!! Well lets enjoy it while it last I say. Have fun with it!


    1. Yes lets enjoy and I still watch TV hahaha

  15. I blog because I enjoy it but I wouldn’t oppose to making a ton of money while doing it! If only the competition weren’t s high! Blogging, taking photographs, uploading to social media is DEFINITELY time consuming and a lot of work 😛


  16. Great info babe.. keep writing x

  17. Now that’s a really good read. Love your insights dear. Exciting times indeed. Only time can tell. As for me, these new technologies only open up more platforms for bloggers to showcase their work.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  18. While new platforms are definitely sweeping in change, I think it’s important to remember that Instagram, YouTube, etc. are platforms that we DO NOT own. So if they change something- an algorithm, or it goes away altogether- the content you invested there is gone. With traditional blogging, you own your platform- you control what content you produce + what people see when they visit. Not to say YouTube, Insta, etc., are not worthwhile ventures, but I think it’s important to keep ownership in mind when thinking about where to invest resources! That being said, loving your YouTube channel, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Yes the ever changing algorithms are mind blowing. Really creating much upheaval and yes we don’t own it. I think one of the reasons it is so challenging too is that with IG and YT there are ways to promote advertise within the platform, while with a blog which lives on the world wide web and not within a specified platform it is much more challenging to market. So many people have looked to these social media channels as they feel they can promote their brand much quicker.

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