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LISOU Spring Summer 2019 For Lookbook Friday

Ah yes spring is nearly here. So ready to step out in attire that does not resemble a woolly mammoth. Don’t get me wrong I love a good teddy coat but strolling down the street in a light floral printed frock basking in the warmth of the suns rays, yes please sign me up!  Lisou is a brand I became aquatinted with while watching a Fashion Week vlog of an influencer I follow who was wearing ironically, a beautiful fluffy lavender colored winter coat and as you may have guessed it was Lisou. They are based out of London and are making a bit of a name for themselves amongst the influencer community.

It was founded by Renee McDonald and specializes in silk. Renee designs all the prints herself and her influences are steeped in her African heritage and her travels around the globe. The company seeks to embrace slow fashion and to give back. One piece in each collection has all it’s proceeds go to helping young Africans with medical and educational needs. All items are designed in London, produced in Portugal and delivered direct to consumers. And this streamlined ethical approach is not only good for the community but it is also good for the environment as well.

and it all comes together in a harmonious blend of joyful girlish abandonment

So it should be no surprise that the spring collection is also streamlined and minimalist. Pattens are simple, graphical and embrace traditional color combinations. Silhouettes are elongated and refined featuring classic lines with the shortest hems skimming the knees. Man tailored dresses intermingle with more feminine frocks adorned with ruffle sleeves, scarf wrap necklines and pleated bottoms. The buckle boots and metallic bootie pumps add a bit of edge and it all comes together in a harmonious blend of joyful girlish abandonment.


  1. I love it dear.
    Thanks for sharing

    Much Love,

  2. HI Allie
    I’m happy surprise by this brand, the itens are produced in Portugal, Portugal is my country you know, we are knowed by the quality textil. Great brands produce here their clothes like Calvin Klein and others. About that brand its very classical and elegant mood is around the models, I love it!


  3. Very stylish outfits for Spring!

  4. I love it when you introduce new brands here. Lisou is totally new to me and their streamlined and minimalist aesthetic is in my wheelhouse. The footwear in this look book are pretty fabulous too! Yes to shedding our winter layers sooner rather than later. Though you do rock your teddy bear coat very well ;D

  5. I haven’t heard of this brand before, but their designs are so pretty!! Their ss collection is ?. I especially love that polka dot dress!


  6. That blue is magical!! Love how deep it is and how well matched it is with the style of the dress?! Love the prints too, so preppy with the shorter style. Love the blue set! Xx

  7. these dresses are so classy!


  8. I’m simply in love with these prints! Beautiful collection for sure. I must admit that I wasn’t familiar with this brand.

  9. What a beautiful collection!

  10. Such a chic collection and perfect for sweet spring style. Fab post Allie.


  11. I love the clean lines and classic styles. That heart and stripe print is just gorgeous. Love finding new and upcoming labels.


  12. All of the colours, prints and designs of these dresses look very pretty!
    They are a delight to look at and look very comfortable to wear.
    I really LOVE Spring!!! 😀

  13. What a stunning collection! Love all the dresses I see!

  14. just stopping by to wish you a fab weekend and thank you for your comment!

  15. Very pretty styles, Totally loving them
    Happy weekend

  16. I love all these pieces for spring ! Great Post!!

    Lesley Kim

  17. The collection is so pretty! I fell in love with the dresses! They´ re so elegant!




  18. What a beautiful collection!
    I hope the weather here can be warmer in spring because I want to wear dresses as often as I can.

    xo, Joling

  19. I honestly would probably wear every piece in this collection! The silhouettes and patterns are beautiful and I love how it makes enough of a statement without being too over the top. The blue dress is stunning and I also really love the last white dress.

    x Kara | http://karascloset.net

  20. Perfect post! Amazing pictures thanks for sharing!:)

  21. Love that blue dress!

  22. Dear Allie, this brand is totally new for me but I see the pieces are adorable! In love with the elegance and perfect cuts of these dresses and yes, I like the same in spring like you 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  23. Very stylish outfits:) Regards:*

  24. Obsessed with these looks! So cute and perfect for this season! 🙂

  25. What a talented designer and I admire both her ethos and her design talent. The simplicity of these frocks seems so understated but in fact, I think she relies on this gorgeous fabrication and exquisite tailoring to capture such perfect beauty. I really enjoyed this collection. Yes indeed, spring. I hope it is here very soon!
    Elle https://theellediaries.com/

  26. Amazing Post.It was so great to read your Post.Fantastic Ideas.

  27. Such a cool collection, babe! xoxo

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